How long do you play for?

We play for approx. three hours depending on when we start. Our DJ starts instantly after we finish until closing time.

Do you play any Waltzes/Jives?

We do, but only on your request! Contact us today to chat through our set list.

Is the line up guaranteed?

It is indeed! Except in the case of illness or unforeseen circumstances.

What will the band wear to my wedding reception / event?

Our attire is semi-formal and we are happy to accommodate a black tie event.

How can I secure the band for my wedding or corporate event?

You can secure your date with a deposit. This deposit is refundable once you cancel within a sufficient notice period before the event. Talk to us about payment options and your budget today.

Has the band played at my wedding / event venue previously?

Controversial All Stars have been playing nationwide as a band and as touring musicians for several years, so it is very likely we have performed in your venue before. We will let you know when you are requesting a quote.

How much time is required to set up a venue for a wedding or corporate event?

The band can set up their equipment in approx. 45 minutes. We always ensure we arrive in plenty of time.