Nessa and Evin

Dave & Ingrid,
We just wanted to send you an email to say thanks so much for singing at our wedding on the 11th of August. The church music was fabulous and it was also so nice to listen to our guests afterwards say how much they enjoyed it. You made our ceremony very special.
The band was also fantastic and i dont know if you noticed but we were both on the dancefloor for the entire night (Nessa in particular!). You played a great combination of songs and our parents and their friends really enjoyed the dancing aswell, its always hard to keep the young and the old people entertained but you did a great job. Everyone was raving about you afterwards. We were so delighted with the band and will be highly recommending you to all our friends.
Thanks again. Hopefully we will see you soon in Bruxelles!
Nessa & Evin