Choosing your first dance song

Choosing your first dance song for your wedding isn’t always easy, as so many couples have very different taste in music.  Sometimes ‘your song’ just isn’t right for the occasion. It could be too slow, or very inappropriate for granny!

We have very kindly compiled some top tips for choosing your first dance song to help you make this tough decision a bit easier…

It’s all about the happy couple

It’s your wedding day, so pick a song that is totally personal to you as a couple.  It could be something that reminds you of your first date, or that time you went to a muddy, boozy festival together. As long as you both love the song and will beam with happiness dancing to it, then it doesn’t matter if it’s a top ten hit or an obscure B-side. Remember this one doesn’t need to be a floor filler so forget the guests for these precious few minutes!

Romantic doesn’t always mean choosing a ballad

Have some fun with your choice. This song often sets the mood for the night so feel free to pick an up-tempo tune that you can have some fun with. Leave your serious face at the church doors and let your hair down!

Don’t forget the dancing part!

Dancing in front of all of your guests can be scary and leave you feeling self-conscious. It is always best to pick a song with a good beat to make dancing easier, especially if you have a partner with two left feet! Remember, very slow, low tempo songs can seem so much longer than 3-4 minutes. Practise the dance at home for the full length of the song and then make your decision. If you get bored, time to scrap that choice!

Should the wedding band perform our song live?

Be realistic here. Set your expectations and be prepared for the band’s cover version to be very different to the original you are used to hearing. They won’t be able to replicate it exactly, so chat to the band about what you want and if a CD might be the better choice for your first dance song.

If you’re still having trouble choosing your first dance song, you can always ask the Controversial All Stars for advice! Check out our setlist for some inspiration!

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